Mail In Program

This program has been designed for our clients who live out of the local area, have scheduling conflicts, or who are comfortable without a formal tax appointment with their advisor.


How Does It Work?

  1. In lieu of an appointment, send us your tax documents utilizing any one of the choices below:
    1. Intuit Link – An easy, secure, online portal which allows you to upload your documents and information via mobile device or computer. You are able to have an online two-way communication with your advisor.  If you choose to use this method, call us and we will send you an “invitation” with access to your portal.  (Preferred method)
    2. Drop Off – Hand deliver copies of your documents to our office.  Retain original documents for your records. (Preferred method)
    3. Email – we do not recommend sending your documents via email as it is not secure and puts your information at risk.  However, if you choose this method, please send to:
    4. Fax – this also is not a recommended practice for the security of your tax documents, but if this is your only option, please fax to: (619) 698-9767.
    5. USPS Mail – with the possible risk of lost or stolen documents, we recommend that you send only copies of your tax information as certified mail for tracking and confirmation purposes. Retain original documents for your records.

 Our mailing address is: 9340 Fuerte Drive Suite 207 La Mesa, CA 91941


  1. By participating in our Mail-In Program, you will not have a face to face appointment with your advisor, and you will receive a 15% discount on your tax preparation fee if you submit all your documents by March 1st (postmarked by this date if mailed).  If you decide that you do want an appointment with your advisor after all, the 15% discount cannot be given.


  1. Upon receipt of your documents, they will be forwarded to your advisor. If your advisor has any questions or needs additional information, they will call or email you. When your taxes are ready for filing, you will be contacted for payment and electronic signatures.


Please contact us as soon as you have decided you would like to use the Mail-In program. For job related worksheets and checklists, visit our website at and click on the “Tax Prep Worksheets” tab.

Thank you for your continued trust in us for your tax planning and preparation needs.  We look forward to assisting you with your 2021 tax return!