John Nadalet

Certified Public Accountant, MST

As a tax accountant, CPA, the first thing you should know about me is that I do not work for the IRS.  However, I do know how they work.  It is an important distinction to make, and provides a base to build a confidential, trusting, tax advisory relationship.

My focus is on the utilization of pass-through entities; S-Corporations, Partnerships and LLCs, to implement and realize tax minimization strategies for the individual owners. This is done while remaining nimble minded and continuously adapting to changes in tax law. The results are accurate, creative, current and reliable.

Since earning a Masters in Taxation from SDSU (Aztec for Life) and acquiring my CPA license, I have worked my way through small local firms with high net worth clients, became a manager at a national accounting firm and then spent a few years trying to grow my own practice, before settling in here at Summit Financial in 2018.  This is where I have found that the clients, coworkers and pace of life all match well.

Away from tax, I enjoy my family, friends, faith and an occasional good round of golf.  Prior to my tax career; I worked in Biotech and had a small part in the human genome project.  Do you think the family’s dog DNA has been analyzed? … you bet! 

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