SmartVault is where we electronically store your completed tax returns and any financial documents you have shared with us.  Storing your tax returns in SmartVault is safe, easy and convenient and allows you full access to manage your data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere you have access to a computer or internet-enabled mobile device.  When in SmartVault, you will be able to view, download, copy, print or share your files as you desire.

All documents stored in SmartVault are at bank-level security with industry standard encryption of all documents both when they are just sitting there waiting for you and when you are transporting them to your desktop or mobile device.  Your documents are protected with SSL and AES-256-bit encryption and a back-up encrypted copy is stored off site for additional security.

If you have never accessed your SmartVault account, just call us at (619)698-9760 and ask us to send you an invitation.  Once you have accessed your account, it is easy to do any time in the future by clicking on the SmartVault button on our home page, using your email address as your user name and the password of your choosing.  (We do not know what password you choose, so be sure to write it down in a safe, secure place you can access later, if needed.)  You know have access to your tax returns and any financial documents you shared with us to use in whatever way you may need.  (We are not allowed legally to EVER share your tax returns with any third party – even if asked to by you – so access to SmartVault is very helpful if you are asked for copies of your returns by your attorney, banker, etc.)


  1. For first time access, you will receive an email from Summit Financial with a link to the SmartVault log-in page.  Use your email address and set up with your own password. (If accessing again, you can find the link on our website homepage and if you have forgotten your password, there is a “Reset Password” option on the log-in page.)
  2. Click on the folder with your name.  (The “Public Documents” folder has our deduction worksheets if you need them.)
  3. Click on “Income Tax” folder
  4. Click on “TYXX” for which tax year you would like to open. (You will see a list of each year of taxes in your vault.)
  5. Click on “Client Tax Returns”.  (Here you could also choose Client Source Documents or Client Organizer if you see these folders.)
  6. Click on the .pdf file
  7. Now you can click open the file to view it, or click “Download File” to copy it to your computer or smart phone so you can save, print or forward it somewhere else.
  8. The download will pop up where your downloads come in and you can click on it to open the file.